3 reasons you should eat fat everyday (yes, really!)

November 14, 2017

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3 reasons you should eat fat everyday (yes, really!)

November 14, 2017


Fat can be confusing. One day we’re told fats are making us fat, then the next day that fat burns fat. So which is it?


With all the yummy holiday foods right around the corner, we’re busting the biggest fat myths, and uncovering the real truth.


1. Eating fat doesn’t make you fat


As usual, moderation is key, but we no longer have to be afraid of fats! Experts say we should aim to get 20% of our daily calories from fat, and try to avoid saturated fats.


2. Fat feeds your brain and body


Our bodies need fat to function. Fats fuel our bodies hormone production, cell communication, and temperature regulation (especially important during the winter!). Fats also keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy and shining. Bonus - fish oil pills are a great way to make sure get these benefits everyday!


3. Fats come in all shapes and sizes… and qualities.


Low quality fats are the saturated ones found in processed foods, butter, and fatty meats. Our bodies can't break down and metabolize saturated fats efficiently, so they leave us feeling sluggish and well, a little fat. High quality fats are foods like salmon, walnuts, and avocado, which give your body sustained energy and keep you full longer. Bring on the avocado toast!


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