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Are You Using These 4 Money-Saving Shopping Tricks?

August 22, 2016


If not, you’re welcome.


1. Fill Your Cart and Leave


Ready to feel sick with power?! It sounds counterintuitive, but once you’ve filled your online shopping cart with clothes you love, say BUH-BYE. Usually, it just takes a couple of days before you’ll get an email from the store with a special, limited-time discount code, just for you. Retailers want to nudge you over the fence. So, let them.


2. Buy Off Season Clothes


’Tis the season…to shop for another season. You’ll get the steepest discounts if you shop for summer pieces in fall and winter pieces in spring. I once bought a $78 romper for $15 in September! I basically stole it.


3. If You Don’t Love It, Don’t Buy It


This rule is simple: only buy things that you love! Don’t get something just because it’s on sale, you’ll “wear it someday” or because you think it will be inspiration for you to lose that extra 5 lbs — it won’t be. Burritos have too strong of a hold on us all. Buy for the now. And live in it too.


4. DIY is Your Friend


I’m not saying make your own clothes a la Maria from The Sound of Music. But don’t be scared to sew a button back on or place some strategic rips in a pair of old jeans. Learn to wield that needle and thread and you’ll get way more wear out of your favorite pieces.


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