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5 Decorating Ideas For a Tiny Studio Apartment

October 6, 2016


Don’t be fooled by their size, small spaces have BIG potential.


1. The loft bed


Don’t underestimate the power of a lofted bed! It’s an easy way to elevate (ahem) your space and make room for a new study, closet, or vanity space.


2. Separate Your Spaces


Lofted bed not your thing? Enclosing your bed will make you feel like you have distinct living spaces. Strategically place a bookcase or hang some curtains to create a designated “bedroom.”


3. Acrylic Furniture


See-through furniture isn’t just cool, it also tricks the eye into thinking your coffee table, for instance, isn’t taking up much space. For small spaces, the answer is clear: go acrylic!


4. Sconces and Hanging Lamps


Let there be light! Hanging lamps or scones are a great way to light up a small space without sacrificing valuable floor and table space.


5. Mirror Mirror on the Wall


This method for maximizing space is tried and true. Mirrors reflect light and add more dimension to tight quarters, expanding your space. Plus, you can catch your own reflection looking smug about how great your studio looks. 😉


Inspo for this article found HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.


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