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Top Bloggers Never Make These Shopping Mistakes- Do You?

February 14, 2017


Shopping online can be an art form unto itself, and how you go about it can make or break the bank account.  We compiled the best tips from some of our favorite bloggers to help you out, and here's what we found. 



1.  Not checking for discounts or coupons


Let’s be honest: we’re all kind of lazy when it comes to spending the extra time to look for working coupon codes. But here's how you never miss out: Cupcakes and Cashmere suggests Honeya browser plugin "that does the work for you—once you reach check-out, it will search the web for any promo codes, automatically check them all, and apply those that result in the biggest savings. On major websites, it almost always generates a code that creates a discount.” Genius, right?


2. Shopping on impulse



Whether it’s a dress from the latest collection or a pair of boots you’ve been eyeing for weeks, having a shopping list will help keep any unwanted spending under control. In the words of Chronicles of Her, "we know sale FAIL #1 is to make a bunch of impulse purchases, so we’ve been on the lookout for classic pieces that will withstand the test of time".


3. Buying just because it’s on sale



Don’t compromise on a great fit, style, or quality just because something is on sale. Many of us love a good bargain but just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you need it. Fashion designer and blogger Lauren Conrad insists that "you’ll get a lot more done by doing your research and knowing which items you want to purchase ahead of time".


4. Getting too caught up in fashion trends



Remember, trends come and go. It’s fun to hop on a trend’s bandwagon, but don’t forget to shop for your personal style. Don't want to get all Marie Kondo up in here, but if you don't truly love the way something makes you look and feel, you shouldn't buy it, period.


5. Forcing a purchase and ignoring the signs



Sometimes we buy clothes that don’t fit us with the intention that something will change and we’ll eventually fit. News flash: if a garment feels uncomfortable on, you probably won’t want to wear it. As advised by blogger Marianna Hewitt“no matter what, never spend on something that doesn’t make you feel amazing.”




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