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Top Fashion Bloggers Swear By this Money-Saving App

February 15, 2017


Ever wonder how bloggers afford to get their hands on every product under the sun, or have a different outfit to photograph everyday? While it's no secret that they often receive free swag, top influencers also purchase plenty of products on their own–– and when they do, they're definitely not paying full price. How, you ask?


Bloggers like Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere and even the editors of WhoWhatWear revealed that they never shop online without Honey, the popular shopping tool that automatically finds and applies promo codes at checkout. Whether you're booking a hotel or buying new clothes, this handy little button can save you hundreds.


Here's how:



First, click here to install Honey (it only takes 2 seconds). You'll see a little "h" button appear in your toolbar. When you're about to buy something online, you literally just click that button and the total price instantly drops if Honey finds a deal for you. *Voila*, money saved!


That means no more searching for promo codes or missing out on discounts you could've had. Do yourself a favor and install ASAP so you'll be ready to go next time you feel a shopping binge coming on. Plus, it's free –– so what's not to love? 😀 



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