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This is how I afford luxury travel on a super low budget

February 23, 2017


Traveling is one of the most rewarding things you can spend your money on, but it can be especially pricey if you want a fun and comfortable experience. But honestly, if you're going to see the world, you might as well indulge and treat yourself. After all, you only live once! In just this last year, I've lounged on the beaches of Costa Rica and shopped my heart out in France–– and believe it or not, I'm not going broke. My secret?


Using Honey to double stack discounts. 



If you don't already know, Honey is a free Chrome feature that auto-applies promo codes at checkout–– and it even works on discount sites like Groupon. I just booked this 14-day vacation to Italy, which Groupon was offering for $1,499. It included my flight, rail transportation, and great hotel stays - not too shabby right?


But get this: once I got to checkout, I used Honey to automatically find and apply a hidden promo code I didn't even know about, and my total price instantly dropped over $200, all for clicking a little button. 😍



I've also saved on a camera from Amazon, a suitcase from Macy's, and new vacation clothes from JCrew. So there you have it: the trick is to stack savings on savings whenever possible, and use an automatic coupon finder like Honey to get every discount. For a free service, there's really no downside. I already can't wait for my next adventure. 


You can get Honey for your browser HERE. Bon voyage! 

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