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How I Redecorated on a Budget

January 4, 2017


In my dreams, I'm a posh interior design connoisseur with unlimited resources. In reality, it takes me like a month to save up for a throw pillow. Decorating can be outrageously expensive. With that said, I was able to makeover my entire home without breaking the bank. Here's how.


1. Get instant savings.

This one is a total no-brainer. If you're not using Honey already - GET ON IT. I first read about this plugin in a review on MyDomaine. Basically, Honey automatically applies coupon codes for you when you're shopping on thousands of sites, from Target, to Amazon, to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Click here to install Honey for free.


Case in point: I was shopping for a glass coffee table on World Market's website. When I got to checkout, Honey popped up took $30 off my purchase. I nearly cried. Okay, fine, I did cry.



2. Upcycle.

Don't roll your eyes at me like that -- it's trendy for a reason. If you don't know, upcycling is the process of taking something old and turning it into something awesome. And once you start it's kind of hard to stop. In December, I reupholstered my mom's prehistoric couch. It was an all-day event, but the modernization of one large piece of furniture made her living room feel like brand new. 


Tearing a sofa in two is a tad advanced, but you can find ways to upcycle everyday items. Mason Jars, anyone? 


3. Sell for a profit.

I'm a hustler - what can I say? I take great care of my furniture so I always resell it. And, I'll admit, sometimes I sell it for more than I bought it for. It's called asset appreciation - look it up.


All jokes aside, remember that potential buyers can (and will) find the items you're selling online and see that they're cheaper (and newer). But, if you originally used Honey to get a discount on a product, re-selling that product for a little less than face-value later isn't sketchy. Plus, if you play your cards right, you can make a small profit. Reinvest those extra dollars into your next piece, rinse, and repeat.


4. Take it slow.

Don't flip your whole house at once. Make a list of the items you need and stick to the list. I get it - I, too, am easily distracted by attractive, sparkly doodads. But you're on a mission, remember that. Small changes can have a big impact on a space as a whole, so don't feel like you need to buy a million random things to see a difference.



That's it! Those are my redecorating rules-to-live-by. Do you have any tips? Share them below!

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