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I tried this free shopping app for a month and saved $300 without even trying

April 27, 2017


If you have Facebook, you've probably seen ads for Honey, a browser app that automatically applies working coupon codes to your cart when you shop online. As an avid coupon-seeker, I was doubtful Honey would be able to find better coupons than I could. But as my schedule started revving up and my time became more precious than ever, I finally decided to give it a shot. Now, I'm $300 richer! Here's how it all went down. 


Installing Honey on my computer was super fast and easy. It's really discrete, so I almost forgot I had it until I fell in love with a little Sam Edelman purse (typical).  When I got to checkout, Honey appeared and asked if I wanted to save money. Um, yes, please. 



Honey had already found 10 codes while I was shopping! I clicked the "Save Money" button, and Honey tested all of the codes for me in a couple of seconds. Then, it applied the best money-saving one to my cart. *BAM* I saved $38 and at least 15 minutes that I would have spent coupon-hunting. 



The rest of this month, Honey pulled through again and again. From saving me $10 on an emergency Postmates delivery of curly fries to getting me $15 off birthday flowers for my bestie, this popular app has given definitely given my coupon-prowess a run for it's money.


But the biggest surprise was saving $200 on a hotel for my cousin's bachelorette weekend! After all, wedding season ain't cheap. 



Plot twist: Honey even saved me money when there weren't any coupons available. After I accidentally sacrificed my Ray-Bans to the beach gods, Honey saved me $18 a new pair on Amazon.  


Apparently, on Amazon, Honey actually works behind-the-scenes to compare every Amazon single seller, even ones Amazon's algorithm usually forgets about. And it shows you the final prices right away, including sales tax and shipping, which I really appreciate. 


As far as apps go, this one is a must-have in my book. Plus, it's 100% free. No wonder TIME Magazine called it "basically just free money."


Thanks for making my life sweeter, Honey! 


Get Honey HERE. 








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