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If You Buy Makeup At All, This Genius App Will Save You Money

March 1, 2017


Whether you wear makeup daily or only occasionally, we can all agree that beauty routines can be pricey. That's why when I do treat myself to new products, I make sure I'm getting the best deal. And here's the crazy thing— I never overpay for makeup and skincare.


This is how: I use Honey, a clever browser app that finds every coupon code on the Internet and applies the best one to your cart in just seconds.


To get started, click here to install Honey. While you're shopping online, you'll notice that the "h" icon on your browser has a tiny number next to it. That's the number of available coupon codes that Honey will use to help you save. Then at checkout, a box will appear and at the click of a button, the total price instantly drops if Honey when a deal for you. *Voila*, money saved!



It's such a handy tool! Plus, it also works for stores like Target and Amazon. Now you never have to waste time searching for coupon codes again. You have better things to do... like shopping with the money you just saved. 😉


You can get Honey for free HERE.




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